Maritime Training schedule updated for summer and fall 2017 with Ondeck

We have a busy schedule of professional and leisure courses going on over summer including MCA STCW 10 Full courses and Updates; RYA Competent crew , RYA Day Skipper theory and practical, RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore theory , Powerboat Level 2; Boatmaster,  own boat training , ICC as well as the introduction of engineering and Maintenance courses. More detail on

5th-9th –STCW10
8th-9th –Power Boat Level 2
12th-16th– Day Skipper Practical
12th-16th -Competent Crew
19th-23rd – Boatmaster Theory
19th-23rd – Captains Maintenance Course
20th-21st – Power Boat Level 2
3rd-7th – Day Skipper Practical
3rd-7th  -Competent Crew
4th-5th – Power Boat Level 2
11th– 12th – Power Boat Level 2
17th– 21st – STCW10
17th-21st – Captains Maintenance Course
24th-25th –Power Boat Level 2
24th– 28th – Day Skipper Practical
24th– 28th – Competent Crew
26th-27th – STCW 10 Update
31st Jul-4th Aug- Day Skipper Practical
31st Jul-4th Aug- Competent Crew
3rd-4th – Power Boat Level 2
15th– 16th –Power Boat Level 2
17th-20th –Day Skipper Theory
21st-25th – Captains Maintenance Course
21st-25th – Day Skipper Practical
29th-30th – STCW10 Update

4th-8th –STCW10
4th-29th – Boat Engineering Course
11th-15th– Boatmaster Theory
11th-15th – Day Skipper Practical
11th-15th – Competent Crew
25th-29th – Day Skipper Practical
25th-29th – Competent Crew

2nd-6th – Day Skipper Theory
3rd-4th – Power Boat Level 2
9th-13th – Day Skipper Practical
9th-13th –Competent Crew
11th-12th –Power Boat Level 2
15th-20th – Yachtmaster Theory
16th-20th – Day Skipper Practical
16th– 20th – Competent Crew
23rd-24th – Power Boat Level 2
23rd-29th – Yachtmaster Practical & Exam
25th-26th – STCW10 Update



·        SRC Radio Online-Anytime

·        Motor Courses-Helmsman, Day Skipper & Yachtmaster ( on request)

·        Yachtmaster Sail to  Power and power to Sail conversions (on request)



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