Not sure where to start – Sail cruising

Not Sure Where To Start - Sail Cruising

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Caribbean Regattas 2023

We are looking forward to the 2023 Caribbean Regattas series and the relaxation of many of the protocols allowing easier entry by air or sea … this should also make the deliveries between the islands more attractive for those looking to build some miles and passages on board 

Spirit of Juno, our Farr 65 comes with new sails … a No 3 and No 4 from North Sails added to the North 3Di mainsail which will resolve the early season challenges from 2022. Fabian Kundig joins us again from Switzerland for the Barbados, Grenada and Caribbean 600 events along with David Hanks, a very experienced skipper and RYA Instructor from Ireland. 

Individual and small group places are available still for all of the regattas on Juno

We also have a Beneteau 36.7 called Blueprint available for all of the regattas [now sold for ASW 23] on a whole boat charter basis. She should be very competitive

There are a couple of changes to the regatta formats most notably the creation of a race series for the RORC Caribbean 600  14th, 15th Feb will be inshore racing ; 16th is Lay day and then 17th the 360 Round Antigua Race. The main event starts on the 20th . At this stage we plan to race the full series and will have to rejig our usual training programme

2023 also sees the return of the Antigua to Bermuda Race . The Barbados Sailing Week also sees an extra day of racing

Our Caribbean Regatta schedule is ….

Barbados Sailing Week 17th -22nd Jan

Grenada Sailing Week 28th Jan – 3rd Feb 

[Antigua to Barbados to Grenada to Antigua circuit including regattas 14th Jan – 7th Feb]

RORC Caribbean 600 13th – 24th Feb 

St Maarten Heineken 1st – 5th March

STIR St Thomas 22nd – 26th March 

BVI Spring Regatta 27th March – 2nd April

Les Voiles de St Barths 16th – 22nd April 

Antigua Sailing Week 28th April – 5th May 

Antigua to Bermuda Race 9th May 

The dates above are for the events and include a training day. Deliveries to and from the regattas are available for a small charge 

Contact peter@ondecksailing or vist to book 

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Have you seen our new office?

Have you seen our new office?

You can now find us at Antigua Slipway, right on the water, with amazing views of Nelson’s Dockyard and with La Brasserie d’Antigua on the doorstep for a cool beer after a long day training!

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Race in the Caribbean Regattas 2015 .. just an email or phone call away

There is still time to book your Caribbean Racing Adventure

Les Voiles de St.Barth 12th – 18th April : just 2 places left on board a Beneteau 40.7 to experience this exciting regatta now in its 6th year. Come for the regatta, turquoise waters, wonderful sailing conditions and fall in love with this picture perfect island.

Join the Beneteau 40.7 for Les Voiles

Antigua Sailing Week 25th April – May 1st: always lots of exciting water action starting with the Yachting World Round the Island Race on the 25th followed by a full week of racing. Lots of sailing packaged with great evening entertainment, perfect. Individual places: only 4 places left on Spirit of Juno. Come join our high performance Farr 65, she’s user friendly so a great boat whether you’re a novice or experienced sailor

Antigua Sailing Week 2014
Spirit of Juno … Join the team for the week

Rock up and Race for a day: Dehler 39 We’re continuing our highly successful program where you get to join in and actually race in the thick of the action for a day, you do as little or much as you want! Whole boat Charter: Sun Odyssey 44 – podium position boat that combines speed, elegance and comfort

Experienced and novice sailors welcome. A smile essential

Whole boat Charter: Santa Cruz 37 – This carbon rocket is designed for fast, exciting racing and she’s still available

Sonic - SC37 rocket
Sonic – SC37 rocket

Come on, it’s not too late, don’t just be a spectator as life is not a rehearsal


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Caribbean Regattas calendar for 2016

We now have the 2016 regatta calendar and are taking bookings and holding 2015 prices for bookings taken by 1st November 2015.

Mount Gay Rum. Round Barbados   Sun.Jan.16th     Sun Jan. 24th

Antigua Round Island Race              Sun Jan 16th

Grenada Sailing Week                      Fri. Jan 29th    Tues Feb 2nd

Jolly Hbr. Valentines                         Fri. Feb 12th    Sun Feb 14th

RORC Carib. 600                               Tues Feb 23rd    Fri. Feb 26th

St. Maarten Heineken                      Fri. Mar.4th    Sun Mar. 6th

St. Barths Bucket                             Tues Mar. 17th    Fri. Mar. 20th

BVI.Sailing Festival                          Tues Mar 29th    Thur. Mar. 31st

BVI Spring Regatta                          Fri. Apr. 1st    Sun Apr. 3rd

Les Voiles de St. Barths                  Tues Apr. 12th.    Sat Apr. 16th

Guadeloupe to Antigua                  Fri. Apr. 22nd

Yachting World Rnd. Antigua        Sat Apr 23rd.

Antigua Sailing Week                     Sun Apr. 24th    Fri. Apr. 29th

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Forthcoming Training Dates

We do have a very full program of professional and leisure courses every month which include learning to sail for beginners to Ocean Yachtmaster theory and exams.

Visit the website to find out more or email Ondeck Team to find out more and get advice on what might help ‘float your boat’

Yachtmaster Offshore theory
7th – 11th April; 11th 15th May  more info

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Prep and Exam
13th – 19th April ; 18-24th may   more info

RYA Ocean Theory coaching
[on demand]  more info

RYA Ocean Theory course
20-22 April finishing 2nd and 3rd may  more info

RYA Competent Crew
13th – 19th April; 4th – 8th may ,18th – 24th may; 25th – 29th may more info

RYA Day Skipper Practical
4th – 8th may , 25th – 29th may   more info

RYA Day skipper theory
[online] anytime more info

STCW10 [was 95] Basic Safety Training
13th – 17th April  more info 

RYA Powerboat level 2
on demand more info

on demand  more info

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Ondeck Maritime Training in Dominica and Eastern Caribbean

Ondeck is currently in Dominica conducting Boatmaster training for professionals in Dominica. Increasingly countries are insisting on Certification as well as experience in visiting Captains and Crew and that’s where we are helping out

This training will be followed by the STCW 10 [was STCW95] Basic Safety Training along with VHF SRC Radio certification back in Antigua

See the article below from Dominica Vibes

Boatmaster & STCW 10 Training in Dominica

For more information on the Boatmaster courses go to Boatmaster

For more information on STCW 10 Training and Updating go to STCW 10

Email [email protected] for more information

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Maritime Training schedule updated for summer and fall 2017 with Ondeck

We have a busy schedule of professional and leisure courses going on over summer including MCA STCW 10 Full courses and Updates; RYA Competent crew , RYA Day Skipper theory and practical, RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore theory , Powerboat Level 2; Boatmaster,  own boat training , ICC as well as the introduction of engineering and Maintenance courses. More detail on

5th-9th –STCW10
8th-9th –Power Boat Level 2
12th-16th– Day Skipper Practical
12th-16th -Competent Crew
19th-23rd – Boatmaster Theory
19th-23rd – Captains Maintenance Course
20th-21st – Power Boat Level 2
3rd-7th – Day Skipper Practical
3rd-7th  -Competent Crew
4th-5th – Power Boat Level 2
11th– 12th – Power Boat Level 2
17th– 21st – STCW10
17th-21st – Captains Maintenance Course
24th-25th –Power Boat Level 2
24th– 28th – Day Skipper Practical
24th– 28th – Competent Crew
26th-27th – STCW 10 Update
31st Jul-4th Aug- Day Skipper Practical
31st Jul-4th Aug- Competent Crew
3rd-4th – Power Boat Level 2
15th– 16th –Power Boat Level 2
17th-20th –Day Skipper Theory
21st-25th – Captains Maintenance Course
21st-25th – Day Skipper Practical
29th-30th – STCW10 Update

4th-8th –STCW10
4th-29th – Boat Engineering Course
11th-15th– Boatmaster Theory
11th-15th – Day Skipper Practical
11th-15th – Competent Crew
25th-29th – Day Skipper Practical
25th-29th – Competent Crew

2nd-6th – Day Skipper Theory
3rd-4th – Power Boat Level 2
9th-13th – Day Skipper Practical
9th-13th –Competent Crew
11th-12th –Power Boat Level 2
15th-20th – Yachtmaster Theory
16th-20th – Day Skipper Practical
16th– 20th – Competent Crew
23rd-24th – Power Boat Level 2
23rd-29th – Yachtmaster Practical & Exam
25th-26th – STCW10 Update



·        SRC Radio Online-Anytime

·        Motor Courses-Helmsman, Day Skipper & Yachtmaster ( on request)

·        Yachtmaster Sail to  Power and power to Sail conversions (on request)



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STCW 10 [previously STCW 95] explained in the Caribbean

Most people in the marine industry will have heard of STCW which means Standards of Training Certification and  Watchkeeping which are a set of standards agreed by the IMO International Maritime Organisation and to which most maritime nations contribute

So what is STCW 95 or STCW 10 …  the number refers to the major revisions which happen every few years with minor revisions more frequently. STCW 95 followed the revisions in 1995 and similarly the year 2010 for STCW 10 which are also known as the Manilla amendments as that IMO meeting was based in manilla in the Philippines.

The most well known STCW qualification is the Basic Safety Training and is often just referred to as STCW 10 . This is a requirement for anyone working on a commercial vessel over 28m long but in reality individual countries often insist on it for smaller vessels.  This applies to cruise ships, cargo vessels, superyachts, ferries and all types of commercial vessel. 

It is not just the crew that need it but chefs, stewards and stewardesses , hairdressers and even musicians. Ondeck antigua recently welcomed the band ‘Breve’ here from Dominica who needed the course in order to take up the offer of playing on one of the cruise ships.

It covers four main modules PSSR [Personal Safety and Social Responsibility]; Elementary First Aid,  PST [Proficiency in Survival Techniques] and Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting. Ondeck includes the PSA Proficiency in Security Awareness as part of the 5 day package

There are limited number of organisations or countries that offer the training in the Caribbean and are Ondeck in Antigua, Trinidad, Jamaica and St Maarten.

This training can only be approved by a limited number of countries and is costly to set up – Ondeck for example is accredited by the UK’s MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency

The other major thing to mention is that the Manilla amendments introduced a requirement for Updating or Renewal of certain STCW courses specifically PST [Sea Survival] and FF & FP [Fire Fighting] which Ondeck offers as a two day course

Anyone who has a STCW 95 or STCW 10 certificate that is more than 5 years old need to do the STCW Updating course. It is reported that many ports and countries in the Caribbean region are getting far more rigorous in their inspections 

For crew working in more senior positions there are other courses that require updating which we will cover in a later article.

If there are any questions then please email me Peter Anthony [email protected]  Ondeck STCW website




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The 2018 Caribbean Regatta season

Its been a hectic summer in the Caribbean and we apologise for the lateness of this newsletter but with two unprecedented Cat 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria it has taken a little time to get an accurate picture of the regatta programme for 2018

So the news is Antigua and the Caribbean are open

None of the major regattas have been cancelled and all have announced a normal programme of racing and events so starting with Mountgay Barbados in January and finishing with Antigua Sailing Week in May we will be racing at all of the regattas this season.

Each regatta reflects the uniqueness of each of the Caribbean islands and offer different sailing experiences often with some lengthy deliveries allowing guests to build some ocean miles

Spirit of Juno is our ‘head boat’ so prospective racers can join as individuals or small groups and offers positions for the experienced and inexperienced She had a good 2017 with new race sails and podium positions at many regattas. Joining Juno is a great way to learn the ‘racing ropes’ as well as experience the social side of many beautiful islands with mixed and very international teams.

Many regattas offer the opportunities to do the deliveries and build some miles and passages for those looking for a little extra adventure

We also have Beneteau first 40.7’s available for whole boat charter and access to a wider fleet of Grand Soleil’s, J’s and First 40’s

Dates for the regattas are as follows and include training days

Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series 16th – 21st January

Grenada Sailing Week 28th January to 3rd February

RORC Caribbean 600 14th – 23rd Feb

St Maarten Heineken Regatta 27th Feb – 3rd March

STIR St Thomas International Regatta 21st – 25th March

Bequia Easter Regatta

BVI Spring Regatta 27th March – 1st April

Les Voiles de St Barths 9th – 15th April

Antigua Sailing Week 27th April – 4th May

Antigua to Bermuda Race 7th May –

Next 5 year regatta schedule

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