A valid SRC is a legal requirement in most parts of the world for any skipper who needs to use a Marine radio. At Ondeck we use real equipment so you can get the best from our hands on training, getting used to real radio controls such as the press to talk button, the squelch, and DSC functions.

You will become familiar with how to send a Mayday, a Pan Pan and Securité Call. You will also cover all of the regulations and the need for a common radio language.

Before you attend the course, you will need to learn the Phonetic Alphabet.

This course allows you to gain confidence in using the handset and being able to get help quickly and efficiently in an emergency.

This course is a pre-requisite for Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore. It is also essential should you wish to Bareboat Charter and strongly recommended for anyone having completed the

You can take this course at our training centre or online as explained in the video below