RYA Power to Sail Conversion Course

Yachtmaster Power to Sail and Sail to Power 'Conversion'

From July 2021 there is no longer a shortened conversion exam as such.

The exam that will be undertaken by the candidate is a full exam, however the fact that the candidate already holds an RYA Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence in one discipline, means that we can accepted a reduced amount of mileage and sea time in the discipline for which they will now be examined.

Holders of the RYA Yachtmaster® Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence in a particular discipline (sail or power) are eligible for a “discount” in terms of the mileage and sea time that is required for the exam in the other discipline.

The sea time shown below must be in the discipline in which you are to be examined (sail or power). All qualifying seatime must be within 10 years prior to the exam.

Yachtmaster Coastal

  • Minimum of 400 miles
  • 12 days living on board
  • 2 days as skipper
  • 12 night hours

Yachtmaster Offshore

  • Minimum of 1250 miles
  • 25 days living on board
  • 3 days as skipper
  • 3 passages over 60 miles including 1 overnight and 1 as skipper

It is essential that candidates for any exam be fully conversant with the entire syllabus relating to the relevant type of vessel (sail or motor) and that they have adequate experience to be confident in the capacity of skipper of that type of craft.