At this stage we can offer the STCW Elementary First Aid but will be applying to the MCA for the MFAS [Medical First Aid] and MCAS Medical Care Aboard ship] courses along with the Updating.  We are planning to put this in place in the near future.

Elementary First Aid

The Elementary First Aid course module combines theory and practical training for basic first aid and lifesaving skills. The course aims to provide an introduction to the principles of first aid and details how to respond to common medical emergencies. It also meets the requirements for those requiring updates

Subjects covered in this module include:

Types of accidents and emergencies on board that may require first aid.

Methods of raising the alarm.

Immediate actions when accidents or medical emergencies occur.

Minimising risk of further harm.

Body structure and functions.

Emergency first aid equipment and its use.

Priorities of treatment (Triage).

Casualty positioning and transportation.

Basic Life Support (CPR).

Shock management.




On successful completion of this course the student will receive an MCA approved STCW certificate in Elementary First Aid (STCW Regulation A-VI/1-3).

$195usd pp. Please click on the 'Training Dates & Booking' button on the right to check available dates.