Jetski – PWC – Personal Watercraft

This is a 2 day course and meets the requirements of the local licensing requirements for Antigua and Barbuda.

Launching, handling and recovery skills, passage planning and decision making, high and low speed riding skills, essential safety information, collision avoidance and orientation at sea

Additionally it covers the local regulations for safe operation by ADOMS

Safe operational practice 

  • At least 15 metres (50 feet) from another craft underway 
  • Not within 50 metres (160 feet) of an anchored or moored vessel, a person in the water, or a jetty or wharf 
  • Freestyling or wave/wake jumping is not allowed within 30 metres (100 feet) of another PWC or not within 50 metres (160 feet) of another vessel, or person in the water 
  • Jet skis should not exceed 5 knots when they are closer than 75 metres (250 feet) from the shore 


If a jet ski is reported to be not operating to the above safe distance and speed requirements the ADOMS licence will be withdrawn

$245usd pp.