We do offer a number of options for mile and experience building

One option is to join an existing course on one of the 40 ft training vessels for additional experience but not necessarily to gain a qualification

A second alternative is to join our Farr 65, Spirit of Juno for some ocean passages and even take part in one or more of the regattas . For example on January 124h 2023 we depart Antigua for the 300 nm sail Barbados [then Barbados Regatta], On the 24th we set sail for the 250 nm to Grenada followed by the Grenada Regatta and then on the 7th Feb return to Antigua

This covers more than 1250 nm, 3 night passages over 4 weeks with 2 fantastic regattas and with a Yachtmaster Instructor on board. Miles will count towards your Yachtmaster or other qualifications

The third option is to just charter a yacht with instructor privately

Just email for more information