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The Dehler 39 sq



Ondeck Sailing acquired two Dehler 39 yachts in 2006 to complement our fleet of performance yachts and offer exceptional quality.


Dehler-39-sq from Ondeck Sailing Antigua


Yacht Specification

The 39SQ is fast, comfortable and luxurious. It's designed for those who appreciate speed, quality and safety.


The yacht has a huge sail area, dynamic lines and responsive steering. It already has a proven track record in regattas but is equally heralded as an excellent learning vessel for novices and cruising holidays. The Dehler 39 feels at home in any waters and will look after its crew in all conditions due to exceptional build quality and top quality components.


Its straight bow, long waterline and spacious cockpit has a modern look, yet timeless lines. This boat can be sailed to its full potential easily, as all controls are available from the cockpit.


MAC Coded for 10 crew
LOA 11.99m and LWL 10.70m
Beam 3.85m and Draft 1.98 m
Mast height 18.73m
Mainsail Area 50/ 50m2
Jib Area 38 / 38m2
2 spreader / fractional rig
Autopilot / radar / AIS / GPS / CD
Engine Model Volvo Penta
Design Judel / Vrolijk
2006 cruising Dacron mainsail & No.2 jib sail
Life jackets, harnesses & wet weather gear
Race Specification:

IRC Rating 1.066
2006 Kevlar mainsail & No1, No.3 Jibsail
2006 Medium weight spinnaker

Beautiful crafted woodwork interior
Ample stowage
2 fully equipped heads
Galley with fridge and 2 gas burner Stove & oven
3 Twin Cabins plus double & single saloon berth - sleeps max 9


A Rollicking Good Ride

"..Now comes the racy Dehler 39. Designed to the IMS rule by Judel/Vrolijk (a firm known for its Admiral's Cup successes), the 39s occupy the performance end of the cruiser/racer continuum. But her cherry interior and separate shower stall won't let you forget that she's built for comfort."


Cruising World, by Tim Murphy

Go-Faster cruiser

"..The Dehler 39 is a fast, responsive, classy package"


SAIL, by Tom Linskeyn and Bill Springer


Style and performance in a highly engineered racer-cruiser


"..We got onto open water, and the moderate northeaster started kicking up a chop on top of some residual swells from the previous day.


The Dehler didn't mind at all. It bit into the waves and powered through, holding its speed and showing no tendency to pound upwind. When we took the boat through a series of tacks, the Dehler came through the eye of the wind cleanly and was very forgiving on the occasion that I timed things perfectly to stick the boat's nose into a particularly sharp wave..

All in all, everything about the Dehler says it is a boat both designed and constructed to perform"

SAILING, by Adam Cort